Welcome to Lagos Province 21

It  is with great delight that I welcome you to The Redeemed Christian church of God, Lagos Province 21- The Home of the Incomparable God. We are a province in the Region 11 of the mission and are headquartered in the Magodo GRA on Maiye Ogundana street, Magodo, Lagos. Victory Chapel nick-named ''My Father's House'', at Plot 12A, Block 68, Akinola Erinosho Street, off Maiye Ogundana, also in Magodo is the Parish at the Provincial  Headquarters.

 Who are we in Lagos province 21?

In Province 21 we are passionate about the Vision/Mission statement of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and we seek to run with the vision as our Daddy the General overseer of the Mission would desire of us as dear children.

This has made us what  many have come to describe as 1 ''The P5 workforce'': A Pure Workforce; A Praying Workforce; A Passionate Workforce and  Productive workforce, A Disciplined workforce... we are God's People.

As the scripture teaches us, we believe that nothing is impossible with God; and so with Him, all things are possibe (luke 1:37; mathew 19:26). we see this in everything our General overseer does and as we
emulate him we are transformed into the image of the Lord who alone can take the unqualified and transform
him into the perfect image of Himself. This faith has helped us surmount several challenges that could have
set us back. Our God is a good God!

Our programmes:
We emphasize participation in all programmes run at the missions Headquarters in the camp where the General overseer or whoever he delegates ministers. In addition we run faith building and christain  maturity  programmes, developing kingdom workforce, building capacity in ministers and growth in the faith of the brethern Evident among these schemes is the weekly ''Hearken unto me o Lord''. Hearken unto me oh lord is an interdenominational, two hour passionate prayer programme that holds every wednesday at the
victory chapel parish,Magodo.

This programmes attracts not less than 1,500 worshipers every wednesday, even at such an unusual time of 8.00am to 10.00am of a weekday. And the number keeps growing because of the glorious testimonies of what God is doing among His people. Hearken unto me o lord can be watched live throughout the world via the internet on www.rccgvictorychapel.org.

It is also beamed to other viewers through dove Media channel on HiTV network (saturtdays 6.30am and repeated on wednesday 8.00am). Log on and experience God like never before. Permit me to invite you to worship with us every  sunday at Victory chapel, Magodo so that you too may be mightily blessed as we worship the God of all creation in spirit and in truth. The Lord is seeking such worshippers and why not be among those He is seeking to bless.  Our Bible Teachings and prayer sessions on Tuesday and Thursdays are always sessions to look forward to from 6:30pm to 8pm too.

Thank you Message
Thank you for this opportunity to allow us to introduce our province to. We must thank you for logging on to our site. We know that it is not by coincidence, for the Lord has brought you here to bless you. And as He never fails in His promises,we are sure He will bless you.  Amen!





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