Sunday School Department

The establishment of a Sunday School department in RCCG parishes is not optional but mandatory. This department is the teaching arm of the church  The goals of the department are:

- to instil through the teaching of the Word, the authority and integrity of God's Word in the lives of individuals;

- to be an effective avenue for imparting knowledge and enhancing understanding of God's Word and by so doing, helping members to grow in their faith;

- to raise disciples who will integrate the Word of God back into the society by developing them as leaders and also by them being used to promote the vision of the RCCG.

The main responsibility of the Sunday school department is to teach members of the Victory chapel parish biblical doctrines as set out in the guidelines of the Redeemed Christian Church of God’s Directorate of Christian Education. This involves making use of the Bible, Sunday school manuals and other tools to effectively treat the weekly topics.

 Departmental Activities (meeting date, times & venue):
 Sunday school preparatory meeting holds every Saturday by 4.30pm at the ground floor Church auditorium.

Contact Information:
Tolu Akiode

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